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Episode 81: Movies, #SFB8, Free Agency guesses, Zookeeper stories

Matt Price joins Scott Fish, Ryan McDowell, and Dynasty Frank do not talk football in this podcast… but they curse a bunch. They do not talk about football until 17 minutes into this part of the show. It was taped before free agency… so you get to hear our terrible guesses at free agency.

Episode 74: Happy Thanksgiving, punk a** bitch!

The boys get together for an extra long episode of the Bull Rush. The boys talk football, play an ADP game, talk TV shows, movies, kids, and more. The show runs until 1:11:45. After that you get 13 minutes of outtakes and before/after show conversation. Enjoy!

Episode 73: Wow, wow, wow, wow, Wow, WoW, woW

The Bull Rush is back and on our new schedule of every other week. We are bringing back the fun bits you enjoyed in the past. We talk Zeke, DJ, Luck, Giants, Movies, Ty’s Sex life, Fantasy awards and predictions, and Frank’s daughter stops by to ask how to spell the word “quiet,” and more…

Episode 72: Halloween 2.0

The return of our most hated episode of the year. We don’t care. We love it. Hear a re-telling of a couple classics true ghost stories, a couple fictional 2 line horror stories, a fictional story, a few new true stories… and FINALLY hear the story Ty was too scared to tell last year. The […]

Episode 50: In The Rearview

While the show is on a two-month break, we wanted to throw together some of our favorite moments from the past year. This episode embodies everything the Bull Rush Podcast stands for — a lot of entertainment and a little football talk. Share us with your friends and help us grow! Thanks! Enjoy the show, […]

Episode 49: A Two-Star Bandit Named Sticktoff

This is the final Bull Rush episode … of 2016. Frank, Scott and Ty lament over their first bad iTunes review before discussing Travis Kelce, Michael Crabtree vs Amari Cooper and more football! That’s right, we actually talked some football in this wrap-up episode. You’re welcome. Thank you for supporting the show throughout 2016 and […]

Episode 47: Dynasty Deprecation

Frank, Scott and Ty do a little self-reflecting on players they either overvalued or undervalued before the 2016 season. Learn from the guys’ mistakes and become a better dynasty player in the process. The fellas also may or may not have gotten into a debate over “It’s A Wonderful Life” in this episode. Follow the […]

Episode 45: Dynasty Roster Evaluation

The guys are back this week and it’s all about that dynasty action. They unveil Flip Side, which is where a player is evaluated from the perspective of a contender and then from a rebuild team. Also, Extraordinary Mid-season Awards are given out! Follow the show: @BullRushPodcast

Halloween 1.0

Join the guys as they celebrate Halloween by telling their own, absolutely true, spooky stories. Please do not let your children listen to this episode as it is frightening and will scare the hell out of them. We suggest listening at night, preferably after a few drinks. Follow the show: @BullRushPodcast

Episode 44: Injuries Suck

The guys offer up some players your league mates may not claim for the week 3 waiver period and discuss how to proceed when you’ve lost a weekly contributor to your team. Be proactive and make a couple stashes that could help you later this season, as well as immediately.

Episode 43: On To Week 2

Frank and Ty look at ways to manipulate overreaction by your leaguemates, after one week of football. The guys also unveil their new soundboard! This is sure to lead to iTunes banning the show, but until then, enjoy! You do not want to miss the message for all the Mohamed Sanu haters at the end […]

Episode 42: The Bull Rush Live!

Scott, Frank and Ty recorded a live broadcast which you can watch here: If you don’t want to watch, then here is your chance to listen to the audio of said broadcast! The guys pick division winners, playoff teams, Super Bowl teams, champion and various other notable awards that’ll be handed out at the […]

Episode 40: Do You Even Fiddle, Bro?!

Dynasty Frank, Scott Fish & Ty Miller are joined by former host of the Faked Goods podcast and The Fake Football writer, the great Chad Scott (@Chad_Scott13)! Chad has written for a few top-notch fantasy sites and produced an excellent podcast with Rich Hribar (@LordReebs), but now he has mostly stepped away from the fantasy […]

Episode 38: Salty

Scott, Frank and Ty hit the latest news, notes and nuggets before moving on to Auction strategy. The guys roll out another edition of Reach-A-Round (~21 min. mark) and later in the episode, catch some Bold Predictions…Bull Rush style! At the 19:15 minute mark, there is a very time-sensitive offer you do not want to […]

Episode 37: Ryan McDowell 2.0

Ryan McDowell (RyanMc23) joins Scott, Frank and Ty to discuss the July dynasty ADP, before making a game using that information. Also, Football Guys grades the boys’ #SFB480 teams. Commissioner questions are answered and we find out Scott’s real occupation. Another round of Dynasty L-O-S-E-R is played too! Be ready for your league draft and […]

Episode 36: #SFB480

Scott Fish (@ScottFish24), Frank (@DynastyFrank) and Ty (@TyInStL) delve into the world of the Scott Fish Bowl. Everything you want to know about the SFB tournament wrapped up into one show! The guys get into strategy talk, discuss the SFB mock drafts, along with the reading of prizes participants can win. In this episode, you’ll […]

Episode 35: #ReceptionPerfection

Matt Harmon joins Frank, Scott and Ty this week. In this episode, Matt reveals two WRs he has not mentioned on any other podcast! Also, the guys play Dynasty L-O-S-E-R, answer Twitter questions and enjoy a new edition of Sextrics. Follow the show: @BullRushPodcast

Episode 34: The Episode

Scott (@ScottFish24) and Ty (@Ty_In_StL) interview Geoffrey Stein from (@MyFantasyLeague) in this insightful show. Geoff is very candid in offering up interesting behind-the-scenes information on how MFL came to be and the daily grind of running one of the best fantasy football sites available. Follow the show on Twitter: @BullRushPodcast **Dynasty Frank (@DynastyFrank) wasn’t […]

Episode 33: Dynasty L-O-S-E-R

Frank, Scott and Ty run through the freshly released June ADP via, and shine the spotlight on some intriguing WR risers and fallers. The guys unveil a new segment called “Sextrics” before playing a brand new game, Dynasty L-O-S-E-R! Be sure to follow @BullRushPodcast for a chance to win a spot in the 2016 […]

Episode 32: Talking RBs

Ty (@Ty_In_StL) and Frank (@DynastyFrank) bounce around several different backfields in this episode, as they hit on some of the most intriguing running back situations for 2016. Also, be sure to get signed up for a Toys For Tots league (run by our own, @ScottFish24) and make a donation to help less fortunate children — […]

Episode 31: The AARP Episode

Scott, Frank and Ty delve into an unpopular realm of dynasty football…the old guys! This is the time of year when people lose their minds for the youngins, so take advantage of your leaguemates and pry those reliable, productive veterans away from their unappreciative hands. The boys roll through some of their favorite veteran players […]

Episode 30: Roster Cloggers

Ty (@Ty_In_StL), Frank (@DynastyFrank) and Scott (@ScottFish24) list several of the players they consider to be roster cloggers and what to do with them. What is a roster clogger? It’s a player that is too valuable to drop but won’t be making your starting lineup. Let us know who some of your “cloggers” are by […]

Episode 29: AFC East

Andy Singleton (@PeoplezPen) helps Frank, Scott and Ty work through the fantasy relevant players of the AFC East. Player categories include: Reach-A-Round, Busts, Will Not Own, Sleeper & Dynasty Stashes. Let the show know who you would place in those categories by using #TBRPod on Twitter! Follow the show: @BullRushPodcast

Episode 28: NFC East

In this episode, Dan Sainio (@FFDynastyDan) joins Frank, Scott and Ty to breakdown each team in the NFC East. They also share their opinions on the fantasy relevant players from that division, and go over which players they absolutely will not have on any of their teams. Follow the show: @BullRushPodcast

Episode 27: Pre-draft Buy/Sell

Scott, Ty, and Frank are joined by Peter Overzet of Fantasyland podcast and the Fantasy Football Comedy Hour to discuss players to buy or sell before the draft. Scott gets a surprise from Pete and the guys try to figure out what Scott eats. There was some technical difficulties recording this so we apologize for […]

Episode 26: Deep Dynasty Stashes

Ty, Frank and Scott share some of their favorite deep dynasty stashes, broken down by position, using Dynasty League Football’s April Startup ADP. 4for4’s Mike Margossian (@MikeMarFF) is back with the #MargossianMinute, to provide a bestball tip. Also in this episode, the guys bring back Player, President, or (Florida) Resident, otherwise known as PPR and […]

Episode 25: Rookie ADP with Nathan Powell

Nathan Powell, DLF writer and Twitter aficionado, joins Frank, Scott and Ty this time around, to discuss the latest Average Draft Position on Using April ADP, the guys name the perfect landing spots for the top 12 rookies. Also in this episode, Mike Margossian (@MikeMarFF) gives us another bestball tip. Follow the show: @BullRushPodcast

Episode 24: Dynasty Sells and Pasta Gravy

Frank, Scott and Ty follow up last week’s Dynasty Buys episode with this week’s show focused on Dynasty Sells. Frank has an epic rant about pasta gravy and the guys unveil a new show, “Has Scott Eaten That?” Be sure to rate and review the show on iTunes and follow @BullRushPodcast!

Episode 21: Perfect Harmon-y

Reception Perception creator and NFL media member, Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB), joins Ty, Frank and Scott in this episode. The guys discuss the fresh out the oven Reception Perception, which highlights the 2016 rookie Wide Receivers. Mr. Harmon gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop from NFL Network HQ and tells us some things he can do faster […]

Episode 20: This Show Is Rank

NFL Fantasy expert, Madden Live host and comic, Adam Rank, joins Ty and Frank this episode, in which he tells the guys the story of his long road to becoming one of the top NFL analyst at along with dishing some exclusive insider information regarding Le’Veon Bell. You do not want to miss this […]

Episode 19: We Have The Bestballs

Mike Margossian (@MikeMarFF) joins Frank, Scott & Ty to discuss his new gig at Mike is a Bestball ace and is helping build a tool 4for4 subscribers can utilize to annihilate the competition. The guys also play PPR (Player, President, Resident).

Episode 18: Player, President or Nathan Powell

An elite twitter force, named Nathan Powell, joins Frank, Scott and Ty this week, and butters their bread. In this episode, they discuss how situation can affect rookie ADP (Average Draft Position), the pros/cons of Tyler Boyd and they also explain different dynasty start-up strategies. Twitter questions are answered. Games are played. Follow the show […]

Episode 17: Making A Commissioner

Dynasty league expert and commish extraordinaire, Ryan McDowell, visits the boys in this episode. Ryan and Scott Fish drop so much knowledge, you’re gonna need both hands to pick it all up. The guys also discussed the latest Average Draft Position (ADP) information available on Getcha some!

Episode 16: The Big D

Get your head out of the gutter. We’re talking dynasty in this episode! Scott, Frank & Ty go over Offseason Posturing and how they approach the most wonderful time of the year in dynasty football. The guys also unveil their Stealin’ & Dealin’ (buy/sell) targets and discuss what to do with aging assets.

Episode 11: #WhizzedOn No More

Ty and Frank console each other after the slaughter known as Week 8 in the NFL and offer up several options for fantasy owners looking to cope with losing a player. The guys also celebrate the Ken Whisenhunt firing and discuss what it could mean for the fantasy relevant Titans players.