Author: Scott Fish

Episode 81: Movies, #SFB8, Free Agency guesses, Zookeeper stories

Matt Price joins Scott Fish, Ryan McDowell, and Dynasty Frank do not talk football in this podcast… but they curse a bunch. They do not talk about football until 17 minutes into this part of the show. It was taped before free agency… so you get to hear our terrible guesses at free agency.

Episode 74: Happy Thanksgiving, punk a** bitch!

The boys get together for an extra long episode of the Bull Rush. The boys talk football, play an ADP game, talk TV shows, movies, kids, and more. The show runs until 1:11:45. After that you get 13 minutes of outtakes and before/after show conversation. Enjoy!

Episode 73: Wow, wow, wow, wow, Wow, WoW, woW

The Bull Rush is back and on our new schedule of every other week. We are bringing back the fun bits you enjoyed in the past. We talk Zeke, DJ, Luck, Giants, Movies, Ty’s Sex life, Fantasy awards and predictions, and Frank’s daughter stops by to ask how to spell the word “quiet,” and more…

Episode 72: Halloween 2.0

The return of our most hated episode of the year. We don’t care. We love it. Hear a re-telling of a couple classics true ghost stories, a couple fictional 2 line horror stories, a fictional story, a few new true stories… and FINALLY hear the story Ty was too scared to tell last year. The […]

Episode 27: Pre-draft Buy/Sell

Scott, Ty, and Frank are joined by Peter Overzet of Fantasyland podcast and the Fantasy Football Comedy Hour to discuss players to buy or sell before the draft. Scott gets a surprise from Pete and the guys try to figure out what Scott eats. There was some technical difficulties recording this so we apologize for […]